Diary November 11, 1942

Allied transport ship burning in the port of Bougie
Allied transport ship burning in the port of Bougie after hit by French shore artillery. Coming from Algiers forces of the Eastern Task Force were landing there this day.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, November 11, 1942:

Sea War

Mediterranean: Troopship Viceroy of India (19,600 t.) sunk by U-boat U-407 off North African coast.
Atlantic – all 25 available U-boats withdrawn from North Atlantic and formed into 2 groups: Schlagetot (‘Bully’) and Westwall off Morocco and Gibraltar for operations against Allied Task Forces engaged in Operation Torch: 10 transports sunk, 1 transport and 1 tanker damaged, 1 carrier and depot ship sunk (1 U-boat sunk and 8 damaged).
Indian Ocean: RIN minesweeper Bengal and armed tanker Ondina rout 2 heavily armed Japanese merchant raiders southwest of Cocos Islands – Hokoku Maru sinks; Aikoku Maru retires, after inflicting serious damage on Ondina. Bengal escorts Ondina to Fremantle.

Occupied Territories

Vichy France – Operation Anton: GERMAN AND ITALIAN FORCES OCCUPY VICHY FRANCE; Italians seize Corsica.


Germany: Government announces that she will respect Spanish neutrality, despite developments in South France (but Hitler has previously ordered contingency planning for the occupation of Spain).

Eastern Front

Stalingrad: Germans make another attempt to eliminate Russian bridgehead on river bank in city centre. Squads of assault engineers crawl through sewers and tunnels while tanks attempt to traverse shattered rubble-clogged streets. Unparalleled ferocity continues for four days and nights, but the few German squads that reach the Volga are cut off and annihilated.

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