Diary November 12, 1917

Dismounted Australian mounted infantrymen open fire
Dismounted Australian mounted infantrymen open fire on Turk troops during the fighting in Palestine.
World War One Diary for Monday, November 12, 1917:

Middle East

Palestine: Falkenhayn drives back Australian Mounted Divusion 4 miles with 5,000 Turks (10,000 rallied at Ramleh on November 10).
Hejaz Railway: Lawrence mines troop train at Minifer, captures 60 rifles.

Eastern Front

Russia: 12,000 Bolsheviks (esp sailors) halt Kerensky’s 700 Cossacks and 1 armoured train near Pulkovo Observatory; they retreat to Gatchina.

Southern Fronts

Italy: 3 French divisions move from Brescia to Vicenza nearer front, 46th and 47th Divisons of Chasseurs d’Alpin arrive (since November 5).

Air War

Italy – Allied air reinforce­ments: Royal Flyinig Corps Nos 28 (Sopwith Camel) and 34 (RE8) Squadrons reach Milan (plus No 14, left France on November 7, No 66 Squadron follows on November 17), No 42 Squadron leaves November 26-27, No 45 on December 11-12). They become operational between November 28 and December 21.

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