Diary November 14, 1917

Column of Italian soldiers who had been captured
Column of Italian soldiers who had been captured during the Battle of Caporetto.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, November 14, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Conrad and Krauss’ Austrians armies link up at Fonzaso.
Salonika: British begin 50­-mile Stavros light railway, with 4,000 Turk PoWs in batches from Cyprus, to replace uncertain shipping service from Salonika (completed May 1918).

Western Front

Flanders: British consolidate northwest of Passchendaele. German attacks north of Menin Road and northeast of Passchendaele on November 15. Relief of Canadian Corps begins until November 20; after 15,654 battle casualties since c. October 18.

Eastern Front

Russia: Kerensky’s troops change sides, but he escapes disguised as sailor, hides in forest cottage near Luga for 40 days.

Middle East

Palestine: British 75th Division with armoured cars occupy Jctn Station. NZ Mounted Brigade beats 1,500 Turks at Ayun Kara. Falkenhayn orders general retreat, his 2 armies split.

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