Diary November 16, 1915

housewives queue for food
In Prague (Austria-Hungary) housewives queue for food.
Diary for Tuesday, November 16, 1915:

Home Fronts

Austria: Prime MInister writes ‘The English war of starvation, … three bad harvests … has brought us into the most difficult situation’.
Italy – Late November: class of 1896, the 19-year-olds, called to colours.

Western Front

Artillery duels at different points, Field Marshal French to his mistress ‘I am only thankful that the army I have commanded really saved the country from dire disaster’.
Argonne: French explode 2 mine chambers destroying some trenches, spring two more at Bolante (November 20).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Bulgars take Prilep. Serbs evacuate Monastir.

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