Diary November 17, 1915

'Snowshoers Patrol'
‘Snowshoers Patrol’ on the Italian front.
Diary for Wednesday, November 17, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italians attack and take Oslavia and Hill 188 (latter kept).
Salonika: Sarrail sees Kitchener who tells him Joffre will not spare more troops (now 120,000 for this new theatre); British sending 3 more divisions.
Serbia: Weather breaks with deluges and sudden floods on chronically muddy roads.

Western Front

British Cabinet’s War committee in Paris. French Army Senate committee insist on use of asphyxiat­ing gases.

Middle East

Galilpoli: Storms smash Anzac and West Beach piers (until next day).2 more divisions are going to Salonika on November 19.

Sea War

Channel – First British hospital ship sunk: Anglia (139 killed), sunk by mine of U-boat off Dover.

Air War

Germany: Airship L18 burned out in shed at Tondern. Following day Navy airship SL6 destroyed in mid-air explosion (20 killed, no survivors).


France: British War Cabinet arrives in Paris to discuss Gallipoli and aid to Serbia, approves Allied War Council in principle.

Home Fronts

Britain: 2nd 1915-16 Budget trebles beer duties.

Oval@3x 2

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