Diary November 17, 1941

Alfred Rosenberg
Alfred Rosenberg (born 1893), supervised the ideological education of the Nazi Party as Reichsleiter (Reichs leader) and was sentenced to death in Nuremberg in 1946.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, November 17, 1941:

Occupied Territories

Russia: Alfred Rosenberg, author of the Nazi ‘bible’, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, appointed Minister for Occupied Eastern Territories.

North Africa

The Keyes Raid: British commandos, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Keyes, Victoria Cross, attack Rommel’s headquarter at Beda Littoria, west of Tobruk at night November 17-18. But Rommel is at Gazala; Keyes killed; only two commandos escape.

Home Fronts

Germany: Colonel-General Ernst Udet, Director-General of Luftwaffe Equipment and World War One fighter ace, commits suicide in despair at ever-increasing losses in Russia and the failure of his bomber development programme, aged 45. Goering conceals true facts of his death, and announces that Udet has been killed testing a new warplane. Field Marshal Milch takes over.

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