Diary November 19, 1915

German infantrymen in the trenches
German infantrymen in the trenches at the mirror telescope are observating the enemy. In the trench warfare it must be reckoned with constant artillery fire raids and raiding party companies.
Diary for Friday, November 19, 1915:

Western Front

Alsace: Lively fighting with artillery, trench mortars and grenades on Hartmannsweil­erkopf and on Uffholz plateau.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Bulgarian troops reach Tetovo barring last route to Greece.
Battle of Kossovo (­until November 24): Last Serb effort to reach Allies but on half-rations, typhus-ridden and only 200 guns left.

Air War

Turkey: Squadron-Commander R Davies wins VC rescuing fellow pilot Lieutenant G Smylie (No 3 Squadron RNAS) after bombing Ferejik rail junction on Gulf of Enos, Thrace.


Greece: Allied commercial blockade of Greece begins.

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