Diary November 20, 1915

rench Canon de 75 mle 1897 battery
A rare scene: part of a French Canon de 75 mle 1897 battery in a open field position near Elberfeld at the end of 1915. In a short time such positions are driven to shelters in trenches.
Diary for Saturday, November 20, 1915:

Western Front

French artillery active at different points.
Meuse: German set of mines exploded in Bois des Chevaliers (Meuse Heights).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Bulgars force French south of river Crna.


Canada declares war on Turkey and Bulgaria.


Greece: King Constantine assures Kitchener that Greece will never attack Allies but will attack Bulgaria if Germany uninvolved.
Germany offers Greece RM 40 millions loan, accepted on November 22.

Oval@3x 2

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