Diary November 21, 1916

The emperor is dead
The emperor is dead – here is a Hungarian poster.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, November 21, 1916:


Austria-Hungary: JOSEPH OF AUSTRIA peacefully died, aged 86, having told Prime Minister ‘if that is the case [domestic discontent] we must make peace without taking any ally into consideration at all’. Great nephew Archduke Charles succeeds, aged 29.
Germany: Zimmermann becomes Foreign Minister and replacing Jagow.
Japan: Viscount Motono becomes Foreign Minister.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Falkenhayn‘s Cavalry Corps (Schmettow) occupies Craiova (capital of Western Wallachia), road to Bucharest open. General Janin at STAVKA finally gets Alexeiev to send 2 Russian divisions to aid Rumanians.

Sea War

Aegean – Largest ship victim of war: British hospital ship (but without wounded aboard) 48,158t White Star liner Britannic (78 casualties), sister ship of the Titantic, sunk in Zea Channel by U-73 mine, hospital ship Braemar Castle mined on November 22.

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