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Diary November 27, 1918

British soldiers German headgear
British soldiers pose with captured German headgear.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, November 27, 1918:

Home Fronts

Britain: Asquith E Fife speech (Huddersfield November 28). General demobilization not yet possible, ‘pivotal men’ to be released in advance, then by trades or work offers.
Germany: Over 1.5 million Allied PoWs released to date.

Western Front

France: In note to French Government Foch asserts that Rhine must be future Western frontier of Germany; advocates Rhineland as buffer state, separated from Germany and unarmed, while under French military control: ‘Whoever holds its [the Rhine’s] bridges is master of the situation; he can easily repulse invasion, and, if attacked can carry the war into the enemy’s country.’ France will thus be safe-guarded vs an ever-more populous, resurgent¬≠-militaristic Germany: ‘Any other frontier is bad for us, and may give us illusory security, but not genuine security.’ Marshal Foch is hailed by Strasbourg.

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