Diary November 27, 1940

Italian battleship fires
An Italian battleship fires on the British fleet.
Diary for Wednesday, November 27, 1940:

Sea War

Mediterranean – Battle of Cape Spartivento: Action off Sardinia as Italian fleet attempts to disrupt major British convoy movements (Operation Collar). British cruiser Berwick damaged in running fight. Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto escapes undamaged despite torpedo-bomber attacks.

Air War

Jean Chiappe, newly appointed High Commissioner in Syria and Lebanon and a former pro-Fascist Chief of Police in Paris, killed when the aircraft taking him to Beirut is accidentally shot down during Battle of Spartivento. Aged 62.


Rumania: Iron Guard killer-squads ‘execute’ veteran ex-P.M. and noted scholar Prof Jorga and over 60 other Rumanian anti-Fascists.

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