Diary November 3, 1918

Italian cavalry enters Trento
Italian cavalry enters Trento. At the same time, a coy of Alpini troops lands in the port of Trieste.
World War One Diary for Sunday, November 3, 1918:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: AUSTRIAN ARMISTICE SIGNED AT 1800 HOURS by Generals Weber and Badoglio at Diaz’s Villa Giusti headquarter near Padua. Austrian Army group commanders suspend hostilities from 0330 hours. Italians (from Venice) land at Trieste, occupy Trento. British 48th Division completes haul of 23,000 PoWs with 14 battalions. Italian cavalry cross Tagliamento and regain Udine.


Austria: AUSTRIAN ARMISTICE WITH ALLIES signed at noon (effective November 4, published November 6) after Emperor Charles relin­quishes supreme command to Arz (Kovess nominated November 4).
Allies agree to Germans request for armistice.
Poland: Republic declared at Warsaw.
Serbia: Serb Government re-enters Belgrade. Yugoslav Republic declared at Agram.

Sea War

Baltic – GERMAN NAVY MUTINY AT KIEL: 3,000 sailors and workers converge on Waldweisse in Kiel; a USPD representative and shipyard workers proclaim solidarity. The elated crowd then marches towards Feldstrasse naval gaol, but is fired on in Karlstrasse by 48 officer cadets and shipmates (Lieutenant Steinhauser), 8 killed, 39 wounded. Crowd retaliates with stones and a few rifle shots (Steinhauser killed), then disperses.
Adriatic­: Italian Navy from Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Albania begins occupying 32 Dalmatian Islands and Adriatic ports (until December 5) beginning with Trieste and Pelagosa Island (4 small craft) and Lissa island.

Western Front

Flanders: Belgians reach outskirts of Ghent.
Aisne and Argonne: Franco-American offensive ends; Lille-Metz rail line severed. French IX Corps takes Basancourt Farm.

Occupied Territories

Rumania: Mackensen proposes immediate evacuation (US decrypt message, Mackensen receives Rumanian ultimatum on November 9 and begins pullout November 10).

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