Diary November 7, 1917

shot fired from Aurora
The signal for the October Revolution – a shot is fired from the cruiser Aurora.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, November 7, 1917:

Eastern Front

Petrograd: Kerensky leaves by car to find loyal troops, other ministers in Winter Palace with 1,000 troops surrounded by 18,000 Reds. Red cruiser Aurora signals bombardment from 2210 hours.

Sea War

Baltic: Bolshevik cruiser Aurora (retained November 5) lands some of her 522 sailors to seize Nikolai Bridge in Petrograd. Revolution at Petrograd climaxes with searchlight assisted (but inaccurate) shelling of Winter Palace. Minelayer Amur, 2 minesweepers, 2 steamers, and 5 small craft arrive from Kronstadt with 3,800 sailors (c.9,700 in capital) and 950 soldiers. 4 destroyers sail from Helsinki to back Lenin (2 arrive on November 7) despite C-in-C’s protest.

Middle East

Palestine: Allenby occupies Gaza and pursues 8 miles to north. He already has 4,255 PoWs; 59 guns and over 84 MGs captured for 9,650 casualties.


Italy: Allied Rapallo Conference (until November 9, Anglo-French prime ministers left for Italy on November 4) agrees on Supreme Allied War Council on November 9.

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