Diary October 13, 1917

soldier struggles forward in Flander's field
A soldier struggles forward in Flander’s field.
World War One Diary for Saturday, October 13, 1917:

Western Front

Britain: French including Foch (at Chequers, England) demand BEF front extension before November 1, but matter left to C-in-Cs.
Flanders: Haig cancels attacks until weather improves but approves Cambrai thrust for November 20 (Byng briefs corps commanders at Albert on October 26) for which tank-infantry training starts.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Germans occupy Arensburg (capital) on Oesel island but fail to land on Dagoe island.

Sea War

Baltic: German minesweep­ers (1 lost) partially clear Soelo Sound between Oesel and Dagoe islands. Russian minelayer Pripiat refuses to lay mines in it (night October 13-14) and blockship runs aground.

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