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Diary October 13, 1918

armoured car surprises a German infantry
A French armoured car surprises a German infantry column.
World War One Diary for Sunday, October 13, 1918:

Western Front

Aisne: French Tenth Army enters Laon (population 10,000) after 11-mile advance in 36 hours, presses north to river Serre, has taken 26,000 PoWs and 400 guns since August 17.
Oise: ­French First Army liberates La Fare.

Eastern Front

Siberia: Admiral Kolchak reaches Omsk.
Finland: Government ask German troops to leave.

Middle East

Syria: Yeomanry Regiment and armoured cars occupy Tripoli (19th Infantry Brigade arrives October 18, whole 7th Indian Division by October 28 having covered 270 miles since September 19).


Turkey: Young Turks resign; General Izzet Pasha (War Minister 1913-14) replaces Talaat and Enver Pasha.
Greece: Venizelos arrives in London.

Home Fronts

Portugal: Government crushes Democrat military rising in Lisbon, Oporto and Coimbra (until October 14) with over 1000 arrests, but violent crime already rampant.

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