Diary October 14, 1915

Bulgarian anti-aircraft machine-gun
A Bulgarian anti-aircraft machine-gun in Macedonia.
Diary for Thursday, October 14, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: MAIN BULGAR INVASION BEGINS with First Army (Boyadiev) attack along river Nisava. Germans storm Pozarevac east of Morava valley.
Salonika: French 57th Division (18,000 strong) begins landing (ready October 23) as comrades of 176th Regiment 15 miles across Greco-Serb border.

Western Front

Loos: Unsuccessful German counter-attack on Hohenzollern Redoubt.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Germans cross river Eckau, southeast of Mitau.
Western Russia: Violent fighting at Illukst (Dvina).

African Fronrs

Cameroons: Cunliffe’s 500 Nigerian soldiers with 3 guns advance south from Koncha, occupy Banyo on October 24 having covered 445 miles from Mora in 35 days.


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Home Fronts

Britain: 2 Peers in House of Lords urge Gallipoli’s evacuation (and on November 18).
Revised contraband lists issued.
English physicist JA Fleming in Nature ‘…this war is a war of engineers and chemists quite as much as of soldiers’.

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