Diary October 14, 1918

US 155 mm howitzer  Maas-Argonne
An US 155 mm howitzer firing at German positions during the Maas-Argonne offensive.
World War One Diary for Monday, October 14, 1918:

Western Front

Flanders – BATTLE OF COURTRAI (until October 19): BEF Second Army (16 divisions) and Franco­-Belgian troops renew offensive at 0530 hours vs German Fourth Army’ (16 divisions) between Dixmude and river Lys; 12,000 PoWs and 550 guns taken in 18-mile advance (until October 19). French with tanks take Roulers rail junction.
Selle: German counter-attacks repulsed (and on October 16).
Meuse and Argonne­: US First Army attacks Kriemhilde Line, 32nd Division storms Cote Dame Marie ridge.

Sea War

North Sea: British destroyers torpedo SS Brussels at Zeebrugge. 5 Royal Navy monitors (including 2 with all-time heaviest 18-inch naval guns) shell Snaeskerke German batteries for last time.
Eastern Atlantic: Portuguese auxiliary gunboat Augusto de Castilho, hopelessly outgunned and escorting passenger ship (saved), sunk in gallant duel with U-139 (Arnauld) between Madeira and Azores.

Air War

Occupied Belgium: US Northern Bombing Group flies first raid (8 by October 27), 100t bombs dropped (until November 11). RAF drops over 2,000 bombs (40t) in Flanders offensive.


USA: Secretary of State Lansing answers Germany’s note from October 12 imposing further military conditions and will only deal with democratic government (Berlin receives October 15).
Turkey: Armistice proposal note delivered at Washington by Spanish Ambassador.
Britain: Government threatens reprisals if Germany does not redress PoW grievances within 4 weeks. Germany threatens reprisals on October 23. Mr Justice Youngers’ 1918 PoW Report published, reveals ill-treatment close to front line under British fire.
France: Czech Provisional Government formed.


Spain: 7 German ships taken over in agreed compensation.

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