Diary October 18, 1918

Peugeot armoured car provides fire support
A French Peugeot armoured car provides fire support,
World War One Diary for Friday, October 18, 1918:

Western Front

Serre: Mangin’s French Tenth Army wins final victory breaking Hunding line astride river Serre (Czechs in action on October 22), north of Laon. Mangin and HQ withdrawn for planned Lorraine offensive (October 27). Rupprecht letter to Chancellor describes exhausted troops short of artillery, horses, ammo, fuel and officers, ends ‘… we must obtain peace before the enemy breaks into Germany’. Foch moves his headquarter north to Senlis.

Southern Fronts

Bulgaria: Last German troops leave.
Italian Front: Heavy rain postpones Allied offensive to October 24.


East Africa: Lettow learns of Bulgaria’s surrender from captured newspapers.

Sea War

North Sea: Scheer deceives the Kaiser ‘The Fleet shall again become available for other tasks’ (ie the final sortie) if
ending U-boat warfare not followed by an immediate ceasefire. Coastal subamrine UB-123 sunk on Northern Barrage.
Adriatic: ­16 Royal Navy destroyers leave Otranto Barrage (mine net barrage completed to Fano Island) for Aegean, 24 trawlers follow.

Air War

Western Front: RAF Handley Page bombers drop 4t bombs on Namur rail station and Charleroi.
Aegean: ­Last RAF raid (10th since July) on Constantinople, 12 DH bombers report hits on War Office and rail station.

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