Diary October 2, 1917

HMS Drake
The 14.100 tons cruiser ‘HMS Drake’ was from 1901.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 2, 1917:

Sea War

Atlantik: Cruiser HMS Drake (19 killed) sunk by U-79 (Rohrbeck) in shallow water north of Ireland.
East Atlantic: Q-Ship Q 10 (ex-sloop Begonia) sinks in collision with U-151 off Casablanca.
Baltic: Russian Fleet refuses to obey Governments orders (Bolsheviks dominate Cebtrobalt by October 30, 1917).

Western Front

Flanders: Fierce artillery duels (an on October 13).
Champagne: Germans gain foothold near Beaumont.


East Africa: German Naumann Force (189 troops and 350 porters) surrenders to Edforce.

Air War

France: 22 Gothas and 2 other bombers drop c.10t of bombs on RNAS St Pol depot, destroy 23 aircraft being erected, damage 30. RNAS builds new depot near Calais.
Western Front: 3 Sopwith Pups bomb Cruyshautem and Waereghem airfields (night October 2-3).

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  1. I was wondering because i can not find anything, my grandfather who was in the Belgian marine fought with the British during WW2, he was on a ship named HMS Drake, i have a picture of him wearing a marine cap with the name of the ship, stil there is no trace of existence i can find on Wikipedia or the internet about this ship, maybe you know more or could provide any information some info? Thank you & Best regards Alain

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