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Diary October 2, 1941

German assault on a Russian railway station
Picture taken on the advance to Moscow: German assault on a Russian railway station. Behind the two German soldiers a destroyed Russian KV-1 tank.
Second World War Diary for Thursday, October 2, 1941:

Eastern Front

Operation Barbarossa – Operation Taifun: Main German armies committed to drive on Moscow. Hitler issues Order of the Day: ‘Today is the beginning of the last decisive battle of the year’.

Home Fronts

Germany: Me 163 V1 rocket-propelled research aircraft achieves speed of 1,000 km/hour in level flight over Peenemunde (a fighter version is developed later and enters limited service in 1944).


Ecuador and Peru: Border agreement. 15-km ‘neutral’ zone established, to be patrolled by Ecuadorian police.

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