Diary October 23, 1918

Tank Mk V towed another tank
One of the newer British Tank Mk V towed another tank with a steel cable.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, October 23, 1918:

Western Front

Selle – Third phase: Byng’s Third Army (including 6 tanks) attacks Forest and Ovillers, captures Grand Champ Ridge, Rawlinson’s 18th Division (with 6 tanks) captures Bousies. BEF drives 6-mile deep, 35-mile wide breach into German line until October 24.

Sea War

North Sea: Harwich Force last in action. Though weather prevents its seaplanes taking off and 3 of 4 Sopwith Camels broken on lighters, German aircraft driven off.
Adriatic­: Austrian Fleet discipline breaking down with demands to go home.

Secret War

North Sea: ­Admiralty warns Beatty of German Fleet sortie prepara­tion.

Air War

Western Front: More activity than for several weeks, RAF No 20 Squadron’s Bristol Fighters destroy 5 Fokker fighters for no loss, Hirson rail junction bombed. Prince Albert flies in Handley Page to join IAF HQ near Nancy.
Germany: Handley Page bomber destroys Kaiserslautern Greist munitions factory with 1,650lb bomb (night October 21-22). Similar devastation in Wiesbaden city centre (nights October 23-24, 49 casualties).


USA: Wilson refers German note (of October 20) to Allies suggesting armistice terms be drafted.
Britain: Balfour speech at Anzac lunch says Germany’s colonies can never be returned.

Home Fronts

Britain: Commons votes 274-24 for women Members of Parliament.
Hungary: Prime Minister Wekerle resigns. Emperor Charles and Zita open Debrecen University.
USA: Chaplin secretly marries actress Mildred Harris at Los Angeles (announced November 9).

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