Diary October 24, 1916

French soldiers man a German machine gun
French soldiers man a German machine gun amid the ruins of the recaptured Fort Douamont at Verdun.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 24, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun – First French Offensive Battle of Verdun (until December 18): Nivelle and Mangin send 3 picked and compass-guided divisions (29 battalions) to assault 7 tired and depleted German divisions (only 16 battalions in front line) through mist, reoccupy Fort Douaumont and capture 6,000 PoWs. May positions regained.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Falkenhayn south of Torzburg Pass and fighting near Kimpulung.
Dobruja: ­Mackensen reaches Mejidia on Danube-Black Sea railway, occupies Cernavoda on Danube after Rumanians blow bridge on October 25.

Middle East

Arabia: Lawrence first meets Feisal at Hamra, decides he is the potential leader. HMS Hardinge arrives at Rabegh with Egyptian mountain guns from Jeddah.

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