Diary October 25, 1916

British biplane defends against German fighters
In the midst of shrapnel clouds a British biplane defends against German fighters.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, October 25, 1916:

Air War

Somme: Boelcke‘s Jasta 2 shoots down 3 RFC artillery observation aircraft.
Balkans: 5 RNAS aircraft leave Imbros to fly to help Rumania, 4 reach Bucharest; 4 more aircraft sent on November 21.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Many supply trucks stuck in deep mud around Montauban, ammo shortages hamper Allied guns.
Verdun: ­Lieutenant Louis Franchet d’Esperey (son of general) of 401st Infantry Regiment killed before Fort Vaux, aged 18.

Sea War

Mediterranean: 26 U-boats assigned (including 4 in Black Sea and 8 en route or preparing to leave).

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