Diary October 27, 1915

potato field in London
European agriculture is already showing the first signs of a serious crisis. Hera a potato field out of nowhere In the middle of a London suburb is created until 1916.
Diary for Wednesday, October 27, 1915:

Home Fronts

Britain: Food Home Production Committee urges more intense farming, use of female labour and guaranteed prices.

Western Front

King George visits French armies and issues Orders of the Day. Writes in his diary: ‘… long serious talk with General Robertson (CoS to Sir J French) and he is strongly of the opinion that a change should be made here as soon as possible. He thinks Ditt (Sir D Haig) would be an excellent C-in-C and that he would work well with Joffre …’.
Cham­pagne: Unsuccessful German attack. Castelnau’s report on offensive baffled at its failure.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbs evacuate Knjazevac on east border. Kosch’s German X Corps takes record single haul of 1,400 Serb PoWs.


Serbia: Prime Minister Pasic cables Allies for help.

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