Diary October 28, 1917

Infantry crosses a river in Northern Italy
Infantry crosses a river in Northern Italy during the Battle of Coporetto.
World War One Diary for Sunday, October 28, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Despite rain and snowstorms German 200th Division crosses river Torre at 0400 hours and occupies Udine 20 hours after Comando Supremo and Second Army headquarters evacuate, latter formation split in two. Germans claim 100,000 PoWs. Austrians reoccupy Gorizia and advance 8 miles west.

Western Front

Flanders: Canadian losses since October 26 were 2,481 soldiers, but 370 German PoWs taken.
Aisne­: Attack and counter-attack on Oise-Aisne Canal.
Verdun: ­Germans advancing at Chaume Wood and Bezonvaux.
France­: US 26th (National Guard) Division is second American unit to land.

Air War

Western Front: Lieutenant Gontermann, top-scoring German ‘balloon­buster’ (39 victories since April 8; see picture on June 24, 1917), dow when his Jasta 15 Fokker Dr I breaks up in flight; shortly after all German triplanes temporarily grounded. First 5 of 12 fighter Jagdgruppen (36-75 aircraft each) made permanent.

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