Diary October 29, 1915

cruiser Medjidieh
Launched at Philadelphia in 1903, the Turkish cruiser ‘Medjidie’ sinks by a mine and is salved and repaired 1915-16 by the Russians as ‘Prut’. In 1918 the ship again is captured in Sevastopol by German-Austro troops and returned to the Turks.
Diary for Friday, October 29, 1915:

Sea War

Black Sea: Salvaged ex-Turk cruiser Medjidieh incorporated in Russian Fleet at Nikolayev under the name Prut.
Adriatic: Austrian CinC Conrad writes to Admiral Haus saying Serbia cut off from Salonika and attack needed on Montenegro/Albania supply routes.

Western Front

French CinC Joffre confers in London.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Stepanovic’s Second Army retreats from Pirot area before Bulgars who took town on October 28 but makes another lengthy stand at Bela Palanka to cover Nis. Bulgar Second Army retakes Veles.


Allied no separate peace agreement published.

Home Fronts

Britain: Casualties to October 9 given as total 493,294 soldiers.

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