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Diary October 31, 1940

Greek Orthodox Bishop of Canea (Crete) blesses British troops
The Greek Orthodox Bishop of Canea (Crete) blesses British troops. In front is a Bren Gun carrier.
Diary for Thursday, October 31, 1940:


British forces land on Crete.

Air War

BATTLE OF BRITAIN ENDS (Day 114). Luftwaffe loses 116 fighter-bombers and escort fighters during raids on London and southeast England in October 1940. RAF loses 190 fighters.
Raids on Coventry (August 18 – October 31): 198 t of bombs dropped in 17 raids; 176 killed, 229 seriously injured.


(Totals, July 10 - October 31):LuftwaffeRAF
aircrafts 1,733 planes 828 planes
air crews 3,893 men 1,007 men

Sea War

Merchant shipping losses in October 1940: 99 Allied ships with 418,254 tons in Atlantic, 4 Allied ship with 24,721 tons elsewhere.
6 Axis ships with 19,968 tons in Mediterranean.
1 U-boat sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic. 27 serviceable U-boats in Atlantic.

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