Diary October 31, 1915

British infantryman of 1916
The British infantryman for 1916 with the Mark I steel helmet, known as ‘Brodie’ after its inventor. Manufactured from November 1915; by July 1916 a million had been delivered.
Diary for Sunday, October 31, 1915:

Western Front

Official issue of steel helmets to British troops.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: British join French, relieve 2 battalions northwest of lake Doiran.

Sea War

Gallipoli: Royal Navy destroyer Louis wrecked at Suvla, later destroyed by Turk guns.

Air War

Western Front: 55 Fokker Es on strength.

Secret War

Greece: With King’s approval, Greek CoS General Doumanis and Colonel Metaxas question German Military attaché Captain Falkenhausen at length (until November 1) about aid from Central Powers if they intervene against retreating Allies. Falkenhausen urges continued neutrality for the moment.

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