Diary October 6, 1915

Serbian heavy artillery battery
A Serbian heavy artillery battery prepares to open fire on attacking enemy forces.
Diary for Wednesday, October 6, 1915:

Southern Fronts

AUSTRO-GERMAN INVASION OF SERBIA: Kovess’ Austrian Third Army secure footholds south of river Sava west of Sabac. Demon­stration at Orsova close to Rumanian frontier. German X Reserve Corps (Kosch) forces Danube at Ram to enter strategic Morava valley (night October 6-7) while IV Reserve Corps seizes Temes Sziget Island, but German III Corps foiled at all points.

Western Front

Champagne – Second push: French capture Tahure and the Butte (Hill 192).

African Fronts

Cameroons – 2nd Allied ad­vance on Yaunde begins. British troops capture Wumbiagas on October 9.

Sea War

Black Sea: Bulgaria’s small coast defence fleet (1 gunboat; 8 torpedo boats; 3 patrol boats; 1 minelayer; 2 transports) joins Central Powers. 2 Russian destroyers sink 19 Turk supply vessels following day.
Italy: Italian seaplane carrier Europa (8 aircraft) commis­sioned.

Air War

Mesopotamia: Martinsyde aircraft from Royal Flying Corps flies first reconnaissance mission over Baghdad.


Germany: White Book against Allied use of coloured troops in Europe.

Home Fronts

Britain: House of Lords discuss Armenian massacres.

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