Diary October 7, 1915

Dead and still living in a French trench
Dead and still living in a French trench. The attacks, which bring nothing recognizable and yet commanded again and again, are calling for a high death toll.
Diary for Thursday, October 7, 1915:

Western Front

Champagne: French advance southeast of Tahure, French war poet Auguste Compagnon killed, aged 36 (Poemes et Lettres des Tranchees published 1916).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian VIII Corps (Scheuchenstuel) and German XXII Reserve Corps (Falkenhayn‘s brother) cross 1000-yards wide Danube and Sava rivers by boat under searchlight and monitor cover on either side of Belgrade; 4 Anglo-French naval guns fight to end, damage 2 monitors, 6 remaining Royal Navy guns join Serb Army (after October 8) but all eventually lost.
Sarrail sails from Toulon for Salonika.


Britain: Anglo-French Conference in London about Salonika operation.

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