Diary October 9, 1917

remains of the village of Zonnebeke in the Ypres sailent
These are the remains of the village of Zonnebeke in the Ypres sailent – only the foundation walls of the church are still left.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 9, 1917:

Western Front

Flanders – Battle of Poelcapelle: Severe fighting. On 6-mile front 3 British divisions (nearly 7,000 casualties) gain crest of Broodseinde Ridge and reach south edge of Houthulst Forest, taking 2,000 PoWs. German counter-attack on 2000-yard front south of Ypres­-Staden rail line. Rain breaks drainage system on Passchendaele ‘heights’. Haig orders Canadian Corps (4 divisions) to Ypres.
Verdun: Artillery duels north of Chaume Wood. Germans penetrate first line of trenches north of it on October 10.

Sea War

North Sea: Speaking in Reichstag, Admiral Capelle asserts he has written proof ‘main architect’ of August mutiny, Reichpietsh, had presented plans to 3 USPD deputies and had received ‘full support’ in organizing same. There is uproar and German Navy’s efforts to outlaw USPD soon collapses.
Baltic­: Germans embark troops for Operation Albion, sail from Libau on October 11; 11 German motorboats reconnaissance Gulf of Riga.
Atlantic: ­U-boat sinks AMC HMS Champagne (56 lives lost).

Air War

Ypres: Royal Flying Corps No 1 Squadron (1 Nieuport fighter hit) destroys at least 3 German fighters, score 200 since February 1, 1917.


East Africa: Belgians occupy Mahenge, the old German highlands headquarter and make 260 PoWs, but Captain Tafel escapes. Belgians repel German attack to southeast on October 13 and join British 12 miles south on October 16.
British Somaliland: Camel Corps (250 troops with 5 MGs, 10 casualties) kills over 70 of 300 dervishes at Endow Pass.

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