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Diary September 11, 1915

Zeppelin under AA fire
Zeppelin caught by searchlights comes under massive anti-aircraft fire. Its only real defence is to shed ballast and climb to higher altitudes.
Diary for Saturday, September 11, 1915:

Air War

Britain: Abortive German airship raids (2 Army, 1 Navy Zeppelins) nights September 11-12, 12-13 and 13-14. None reach primary target, London; trifling damage in Harwich area.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: III Siberian Corps retreats 50 miles until next day to cover Dvinsk.
Galicia: Austrian retreat towards river Strypa.

Sea War

Italy: Rear Admiral Millo removed from lower Adriatic Scouting Division to Naval Academy for opposing Pelagosa evacuation despite Abruzzi’s support.


Allied Calais Conference: Joffre opposes Eastern operations extension.

Home Fronts

Britain: Association Committee report on war work fatigue. Health of Munitions Workers Committee appointed on September 17.

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