Diary September 11, 1917

French fighter ace Georges Guynemer
French fighter ace Georges Guynemer (second from right) in front of his Morane-Saulnier Type L fighter.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, September 11, 1917:

Air War

Ypres: Legendary French ace Guynemer (54 victories) missing over Poelcapelle aged 22, first revealed in London (September 27) on a day Germans claim 6 Allied single-seaters.

Eastern Front

Russia: Rebel Kornilov issues final Order No 900 and appeal to the people.
RumaniaBattle of Ciresoaia (until September 12): Russo-Rumanian attack fails, last major fighting in sector.

Southern Fronts

Italy: British War Minister Lord Derby visits Cadorna at Udine, promises 160 British heavy guns (200 Anglo-French guns sent on September 18).
Isonzo­: After shelling of record intensity Italian 11th Division captures Mt San Gabriele with 2,000 PoWs but Austrian fire forces it 100 feet below summit; Lieutenant-Colonel Sauer of Austrian 14th Regiment ‘Who could fully describe this San Gabriele, this sort of Moloch which swallows up a regiment every three or four days …’.

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic: U-49 (Hartmann) rammed and sunk by SS British Transport west of Biscay, having claimed 38 ships worth 86,433t.

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