Diary September 12, 1942

General Chuikov
General Chuikov, GOC of 62th Army at ‘Stalingrad Front’ is the defender of the city.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 12, 1942:

Eastern Front

Stalingrad: General Chuikov appointed GOC Russian 62nd Army which is defending the city.

Sea War

Atlantic – LACONIA INCIDENT: Liner Laconia, carrying 1,800 Italian PoWs, sunk by U-156 off Ascension Island. Attempts by U-boats to rescue survivors are interrupted by US B-24 Liberator bomber. Doenitz calls off the rescue operation and forbids similar humanitarian gestures (‘Laconia Order’ of September 17, 1942). However, Vichy French warships subsequently rescue bulk of ship’s passengers and crew.

Home Fronts

Britain: Horse Racing. Gordon Richards wins St Leger at Newmarket, riding ‘Sun Chariot’.

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