Diary September 13, 1915

Austrian AA MG position.
Austrian troops on the Eastern Front man a primitive, entrenched ant-aircraft machine gun position.
Diary for Monday, September 13, 1915:

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Prince Leopold and Woyrsch’s Battle of Sionim (­until September 18), their advance checked.

Southern Fronts

Bulgars and Macedonians reservists called up.

African Fronts

Southern Tunisia: More than 500 Tripolitanian rebels (total 5,000 warriors with 9 guns and 13 Turk officers) first attacking French troops and forcing them over the border (until September 15), then besiege Dehibat (September 18-24).

Air War

Germany: 19 French aircraft drop 100 bombs on Trier rail station and lines.
Britain: Hit and run raid on Margate by German floatplane causes 8 civilian casualties.

Secret War

Air War Western Front: Royal Flying Corps makes first effort to land an agent behind German line (near Courtrai) but he and the pilot injured and captured; successful missions on September 28 and October 3.

Supremacy 1914


Germany: Government demands Rumanian passage for troops and £8millions benzine.

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