Diary September 18, 1917

Italian soldiers in the trench
Italian soldiers in the trench. The defense facilities in the Isonzo area are not strengthened, as the local authorities consider the site to be too difficult for the expected German-Austrian-Hungarian offensive.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, September 18, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Italy: Cadorna cancels 12th Isonzo offensive and starts defensive preparations, tells Allies this on September 20 who halt guns for the Italians on September 25.
Trentino­: Italian battalions take 200 PoWs in Val Sugana but fail in dash for Trento inspired by Czech officer deserters (night September 18-19) at Carzano.

Sea War

Channel: U-boat sinks destroyer HMS Contest (50 survivors).
Mediterranean: British patrol instructions advise limit of 12 ships per convoy with 4 escorts.


France: Painleve redefines French war aims as Alsace-Lorraine and reparations.

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