Diary September 19, 1915

Austro-Hungarian field gun as AA gun
An Austro-Hungarian field gun on the Eastern Front has been brought into an air defense position.
Diary for Sunday, September 19, 1915:

Eastern Front

Falkenhayn forces Hindenburg to release more than 7 divisions, Kaiser backs him.
Galicia: Army Group Böhm-Ermolli (Colonel-General) formed from Austrian Second Army and German Südarmee.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Danube artillery fire exchanges near Orsova and Tekia, as well as in Drina sector following day.

Sea War

Aegean: British transport Ramazan (312 killed, of 418 aboard, all but 1 killed are Indian troops) sunk by U-boat gun-fire.


Germany: Government promises not to sink ships carrying conditional contraband.

Home Fronts

Russia: Colonel Knox reports: ‘if … ever a Government richly deserves a revolution, it is the present one…’.

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