Diary September 21, 1915

German 1915 field service uniform
The new German 1915 field service uniform with an impressive and efficient steel helmet, first seen at Verdun in 1916.
Diary for Tuesday, September 21, 1915:

Home Fronts

Germany: 1915 field service uniform introduced.
Austria: Army adopts field grey in September.
Britain: Third War Budget income tax up 40%, 50% on excess profits tea and tobacco duties. War costing now £4.5 million per day.
Russia: Moscow Zemstvos Conference (until July 23) demands Duma‘s recall.

Western Front

Champagne: French preliminary bombardment begins (until July 25) with 1,300 heavy guns at a 47-mile front.


Bulgaria: Partial mobilization ordered, begins September 23.
Greece: Venizelos asks for 150,000 Allied troops at Salonika as condition for Greek war entry. Allies agree on September 24.

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