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Diary September 21, 1940

cargo ship is sinking
German submarine has sunk a cargo ship.
Diary for Friday, September 21, 1940:

Sea War

German invasion fleet in Channel ports now totals 155 steamers, 1,277 barges, 471 tugs and 1,161 motor boats.
U-boat U-100 sinks 7 ships of Convoy HX.72 in 4 hours; 12 out of 41 ships lost.

Air War

Western Egypt: RAF bomb by Italians occupied Sidi Barrani.

Home Fronts

Australia: General Election (results announced October 11): United Australia Party, 24 seats; Country Party (allied with UAP), 14 seats; Labour, 32; Non-Communist Labour, 4. The Prime Minister Robert Menzies increases his personal majority eightfold, despite having 5 opponents.

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