Diary September 22, 1915

Australian assaults on Gallipoli
One of the costly Australian assaults on Gallipoli.
Diary for Wednesday, September 22, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli: Australian casualties to date 19,183 soldiers.
Syria: Turk preparations for attack on Egypt reported.

Eastern Front

Tsar’s stern order to restore discipline. Fabeck replaces Gallwitz in command of German Twelfth Army.

Southern Fronts

Bulgaria: Army mobilization decree issued by Tsar Ferdinand. Prime Minister says on September 24, ‘it’s not against Serbia’.
Greece: French Mission arrives at Salonika.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Orders given for second Allied advance on Yaunde.

Sea War

North Sea: Mined Dutch liner Koningin Emma towed up Thames (250 passengers saved).
Adriatic: 60 British trawlers (almost all armed by November 8) arrive at Taranto (until September 30) to begin Otranto Barrage after Italian request for 16 French ships cannot be met.

Air War

Western Front: French airship Cmdt Coutelle shot down by German anti-aircraft fire.
Germany: ­French aircraft bomb Stuttgart.

Occupied countries

Eastern France: Four citizens of Lille shot by Germans for aiding French soldiers to reach Allied lines, another shot for spying on November 8.

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