Diary September 23, 1918

British Lieutenant is in full Arab regalia
TE Lawrence war not the only officer in the Middle East to ‘go native’. Here a British Lieutenant is in full Arab regalia in 1918.
World War One Diary for Monday, September 23, 1918:

Middle East

Palestine: 500 British cavalry capture Acre and Haifa with 889 PoWs and 18 guns. Liman arrives in Damascus (stay until September 29), sends staff to Aleppo on September 25.
Trans-Jordan: NZ Mounted Brigade occupies Es Salt and the Arabs Maan.

Eastern Front

Russia: Helfferich resigns as German Ambassador.
Western Urals: Ufa State Conference elects 5-man compromise Directorate including ex­-Tsarist corps commander General VG Boldyrev as White Siberian C­-in-C.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: French Cavalry Brigade Jouinot-Gambetta begins 57­-mile 6-day advance from Novak, C-in-C gives Uskub (Skopje) as their objective, reaches evacuated Prilep at 1300 hours. Serb Second Army forces the Vardar despite stiff resistance.

Air War

Western Front: 13 German bombers raid RAF Marquise depot, destroy or damage 99 aircraft (172 casualties; night September 23-24).
Palestine: RAF (at least 22 attack) drop 6 1/4t bombs and fires over 33,000 MG rounds east of Jordan (resumed on September 25 with 39 sorties).

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