Diary September 23, 1943

Loading a Nebelwefer rocket-launcher
Loading a Nebelwefer rocket-launcher in the mountains between Naples and the Gulf of Salerno.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, September 23, 1943:


Italy: US 5th Army launches offensive north of Salerno.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Destroyer Eclipse sinks German torpedo boat and prison ship Donizetti carrying 1,576 Italians, south of Rhodes.
Pacific: Tanker convoy destroyed by US submarine Trigger, off Formosa.

Air War

Germany: 658 RAF bombers attacking Hannover and dropping 2,357t of bombs.

Occupied Territories

Corsica: French occupy Bonifacio.
Italy: Mussolini publicly announces creation of the Fascist Social Republic of Salo (town on Lake Garda) in North Italy.

Home Fronts

Britain: Death of Elinor Glyn, Anglo-Canadian author of ‘scandalous’ romances including ‘Three Weeks’ (1907), aged 78.

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