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Diary September 24, 1918

British soldiers bring in German PoWs
British soldiers bring in exhausted, wounded and demoralized German PoWs.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, September 24, 1918:

Western Front

Germany: OHL informs Berlin Government that armistice talks inevitable.
Somme: Anglo-French attack on 4-mile front east of Vermand to within 2 miles of St Quentin. British 1st and 6th Divisions with 20 tanks attack Quadrilat­eral and Fresnoy (northwest of St Quentin); French capture 2 villages to west. BEF’s best week of war for taking PoWs, 30,441 (until September 30).

Middle East

Palestine: 4th Cavalry Division takes 8,000 PoWs at Jordan fords (September 23­-24), Kemal only just escapes.

Home Fronts

Germany: Kaiser visits Kiel U-boat School, speaks to 400 U-boat officers and minelayer crews.
France: 4th War Loan authorized.
Britain: Army educational scheme issued. Churchill first meets S Sassoon.

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