Diary September 27, 1940

Tripartite Pact
After the signiture of the Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan, the German foreign minister von Ribbentrop was speaking. On the table to the left was sitting Adolf Hitler, the Italian foreign minister Duke Ciano and the Japanese ambassador Kurusu.
Diary for Friday, September 27, 1940:


TRIPARTITE PACT: Germany, Italy and Japan make 10-year military, political and economic alliance in Berlin.
Convention of Havana: Whereby the Pan American State appoint themselves joint trustees of any European colony or colonies in the Americas which are threatened by Axis Powers. (See July 28, 1940.)

Air War

Fighter-bomber raid on London followed by major raid (300 bombers and fighters) on the capital and 80-plane attack on Bristol. Only 200 raiders penetrate to central London.
Aircraft losses: German, 55; British, 28.
Night raids on London by 163 aircraft. Number of Londoners sheltering in ‘Underground’ stations reaches record total of 177,000.

Sea War

Veteran British submarine H.49 (built 1919) returns after successful patrol off Frisian Islands (two convoys attacked). She is sunk by German patrol boats in same area, October 18.

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