Diary September 27, 1915

German six-inch howitzers
German six-inch howitzers are moved as reinforcements on the Western Front.
Diary for Monday, September 27, 1915:

Western Front

Loos: British pushed back in cold and rain between Fosse 8 and Hohenzollern Redoubt but Guards Division storms Pit 14 and chalk pits, recaptures Hill 70. German reserves stabilize French sector.
Champagne: ­French before German second line on a 6-mile front, but resistance growing.
Argonne: French repulse German attack.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Nieme­narmee beaten at Eckau (Riga).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British Chief Political Officer Cox ‘Baghdad is within our grasp … without reinforcing our troops’.

African Fronts

North Cameroons: – Nigerian troops surprise German Gandua outpost.
Chad: French administrator denounces Sultan Ali Dinar of Darfur (Sudan) for Senussi and Turco­-German intrigues; Anglo­-French collaboration from November.

Sea War

Adriatic: Italian battleship Benedetto Brin destroyed by Austrian saboteurs at Brindisi (595 casualties including 456 dead with Rear Admiral Baron de Cervin).


Greece: Venizelos gets King’s consent to Allied landings at Salonika.

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