Diary September 6, 1915

Serbias defenders
Serbia’s Defenders: British sympathy – an exhibition held in London. But the help of the Allies was too slight and too late.
Diary for Monday, September 6, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Falkenhayn, Conrad and Colonel Gancev (Bulgaria) sign military convention for crushing of Serbia.


Secret Central Powers Military Convention with Bulgaria signed at Pless. Turco-Bulgar Convention (September 20) and Dedeagach frontier protocol (September 22).

Western Front

French journalist notes ‘… rumour is confirmed of a great offensive … on the 25th’.

Eastern Front

Poland: German general Gallwitz fights three battles until September 17.

Sea War

Black Sea: First tow coastal U-boats operations; UB7 off Odessa, UB8 off the Crimea.
East Atlantic: British liner Hesperian (32 lives lost) sunk by U20 (Schwieger) 80 miles southwest of Fastnet.

Air War

Germany: 40 French aircraft bomb Saarbrücken (German Lorraine barracks bombed at Dieuze and Mörchingen).


USA: ­’Archibald’ documents compromise Austrian Ambassador, US demands recall on September 8, granted on September 28.

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