Diary September 9, 1917

Etaples training camp
Etaples was one of the Allied training camps for troops on the Western Front, which also served as recreational centers for soldiers from the front line. Strengthened discipline and attacks of the military police in Etaples resulted in unrest.
World War One Diary for Sunday, September 9, 1917:

Western Front

France­: c.2,000 British troops mutiny at Etaples Infantry Base Depot (until September 14) due to poor conditions and Third Ypres reinforcement system, 3 sentenced to death after GHQ detachments restore order.
Somme: British capture 600 yards of German trenches at Villeret, northwest of St Quentin, 400 yards more captured on September 10.
Verdun: Second Offensive Battle of Verdun ends. French repulse German counter-attack on east bank of Meuse.

Eastern Front

Russia: Kerensky sacks Kornilov and issues arms to Petrograd Soviet. Rail workers prevent Kornilov’s advance as Soviets mobilize 25,000 workers. 3,000 Kronstadt sailors reinforce capital on September 10. Revolutionaries then Cossacks seize C-in-C Western Front General Denikin.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: General O Below takes command of new German Fourteenth Army for projected offensive, plans drafted by September 10; 7 German and 8 Austrian divisions with 1,000 guns (800 German) pass through Trentino onto Dravel and Sava valleys 60 miles east of Caporetto, all marches at night.

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