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Diary March 12, 1940

wreck of the 'Royal Oak'
The location of the wreck of the ‘Royal Oak’ in 30 yds deep in Scapa Flow is marked by a buoy.
Diary for Tuesday, March 12, 1940:


TREATY OF MOSCOW ends 104-day Russo-Finnish Winter War. Finland loses Karelian Isthmus (inc. city of Viipuri and Vuoksi ‘industrial belt’), Hango naval base, and border areas northwest of Lake Ladoga, in the ‘Waist’ and on Arctic coast.
On the same day, French Prime Minister Daladier tells Chamber of Deputies that Anglo-French expeditionary force is ready to embark for Finland on receipt of formal Finnish appeal for assistance.

Sea War

British Home Fleet returns to Scapa Flow from Rosyth and Loch Ewe. Since the sinking of the Royal Oak anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defenses have been greatly strengthened.

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