Diary JULY 21, 1914

World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 21, 1914:

French President Poincare in Russia
President Poincare (centre) of France on visiting Russia.

Conference at Ischl and Budapest on Serbia: Francis Joseph tells Finance Minister ‘Russia cannot swallow it. There’s no mistake about it, it will be a big war’.
Russian Ambassador leaves Vienna for holiday after being assured Austrian demands will not cause crisis.

Bethmann tells Allied Ambassadors that Austria’s demand ‘equitable and moderate’. French Ambassador informs Paris of alleged German mobilization signs.

President Poincare says France will fulfil ‘all her obligations in the alliance with Russia’.
Great St Petersburg strikes including barricaded streets against police (July 25-26) in protest at troops’ suppression of Baku oilfield strike.

Ahmed Mirza crowned Shah at Tehran.

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