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Diary July 26, 1944

Mac Arthur
Mac Arhur, Douglas (1880-1964), American General of the Army. Dubbed the ‘American Ceasar’ was resisting all suggestions thta Philippines should be ‘by-passed’.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, Juyl 26, 1944:

Heavy artillery barrage heralds successful US attack on jungle­-covered Orote Peninsular on Guma. Marines smash Japan­ese counter-attack on northern beachhead.

Home Front USA
Roosevelt, MacArthur and Nimitz confer in Honolulu. MacArthur argues successfully for liberation of Philippines, against Formosa invasion.

Home Front South Africa
Death of Riza Khan Pahlavi, exiled Shah of Iran; aged 67.

Air War

Germany: 600 RAF bombers attacking Stuttgart and dropping 1,903t of bombs.

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